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Deployment issues

I'm trying the new version 1.2 of the AdminVM and found a few issues below when trying to deploy the NetworkDefense? scenario.

My system is Windows 7 with VirtualBox 5.0.2 and VMWare Pro 12.

With VirtualBox, I could import the AdminVM but there was only 1 (one) NIC configured. The "OCCP_Setup" internal network was missing. Adding it manually to the AdminVM did not do the trick as some of the VMs, like the "rhinoblue" VM simply shut down without completing Phase 2. During that time the AdminVM just complained that "rhinoblue" did not respond and fail xxxx times. The same with the other VMs.

I thought of using VMWare, just to find out if it had the same issue but encountered a bit different issue. The "OCCP_Setup" network connection was still not there, but the only NIC it had now connected to the "Bridge" connection and could not continue the deployment as the AdminVM couldn't find the other VMs in the package.

Anyone else having the same issues?

Appreciate any help, Jans

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    Sorry for any confusion, but the Network Defense scenario is not compatible with the new 1.2 release. We have upgraded to a new version of Puppet and have not rebuilt the Network Defense scenario yet. You can use the previous AdminVM to run that scenario.

    I also suggest you follow the install instructions in the QuickStartGuide to setup the Administrative VM. Adding the second network adapter is a requirement to get it setup, but should only need to be done once.

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      Thanks for the clarifications, very useful.

      Definitely I will try the older version. Just another question that I've been wondering: It seems like if I have a quite powerful machine with plenty of storage, CPU power and RAM, like a server, I can run the whole thing locally. How, then, some students collaborate and do the challenges from their own PCs, remotely, in a classroom setting (of Blue Team and Red Team )?

      Thanks so much, Jans


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