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General OCCP Concept and Design

Please post questions and comments here on the general concept and design of the OCCP. Do you envision it being useful to you and/or others? Why? Why not?

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    OCCP is a very useful tool, though publishing the other scenarios would be nice. Currently they are listed but not available. For such a great project I am very surprised the forum is so dead quiet.

    Is there any plan to provide a set of scripts for rapid creation and packaging of windows-based scenarios? Has the OCCP team asked Microsoft about a free license for you to distribute packaged scenarios yourselves? As the VMs are certainly not intended for or capable of normal daily use, it is likely that Microsoft would be willing to cooperate. This is especially true given that they themselves distribute Windows VMs free of charge for education and long term evaluation (via MSDN, Technet and Dreamspark), including the 'Windows XP Mode for Windows 7' package which is intended for daily consumer use.

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      I agree- this project is a God send...I plan on substituting in a more robust, Palo Alto Networks, vmseries firewall, but first I need to get it running :-) I would be willing to help create documentation, if anyone might be willing to help me with my linux weaknesses. :-)



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