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Discussion of the Beta Release

Please post questions and comments here on the specific Beta Release (simple Network Defense scenario).

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  • Message #20

    Since there is little content or load on any of the VM's, it is unlikely that allocating more RAM will be all that helpful. If you have a different experience, please share.

  • Message #18

    What is the recommended ram allocation for each vm? Rhinoblue is set to 2GB which should be fine, but the others (except the router) are all given 512MB. This seems to be aimed at host machines with 8GB of ram. For machines with 12 or 16GB, how much ram should be given to each guest in order to minimize disk access?

  • Message #17

    I would suggest trying to increase the RAM allocation. While it was working for us as shipped, it might be a little tight. Also check to see if there is disk activity. Metasploit reads quite a bit of stuff during startup. If there is no disk activity, you'll have to do some more diagnostics. Reboot it into recovery mode, remove metasploit from startup, then reboot again and try starting it manually. You should then also be able to check its logs.

  • Message #16

    Greetings Everyone (Even if it is a bit quiet),

    I am working on getting this set up. I did see some issues importing into a VirtualBox on Ubuntu 13.10 . Same issue as above. Right now, I move it back onto a machine with a Windows 7 image with VirtualBox. We I start all of the VM's, I get an indication that Metasploit is waiting to start, checking again in 10 sec. This continues indefinitely. Any ideas?

    Regards, Rob Chubbuck

  • Message #15

    Hello all,

    How is the spring build coming? The roadmap lists the next milestone as being due in another week, if I read that right....

    Any thoughts as to including addition services and types of machines in order to make it look more like real target architectures? Such as a multi-tier web portal or perhaps a cloud stack? Inclusion of IPv6, SDN, etc.?

    Looking forward to the next release. I intend on doing human trials on something similar in the early fall, and would like to share/collaborate if you all get further along.

    Best, Hal

  • Message #14

    Nice to hear; hope it works out and looking forward to seeing next steps. Open source environments like this effort can keep the field from becoming proprietary and subject to vendor control. Attended an event just today that, while ostensibly was for educational purposes, was subsidized by vendors and a not so subtle recruiting effort to the extent that the participants where literally directed to start filling out HR forms for the sponsors. Nothing like being rounded up and press ganged into the nearest NOC, waking up sitting at a console.... Anyway, looking forward, and eagerly awaiting your efforts. Best, H

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    We are busily working on the next release. The next release will feature a tool that helps you configure and deploy the VMs. We are hoping to have it in good working order by the beginning of summer and will be doing some internal testing during the summer. We have not decided on a release time for it at the moment.

  • Message #12

    Unfortunately, it seems a little quiet. That's too bad, because this really is an outstanding concept. Looking forward to the next build, and would also like to take it in the direction of expanding it to train and validate educational direction for CS/IS students. Meaning, expand it to use as a 'training ground' for IT admins, programmers, database engineers, etc., to study interaction of new protocols, methods of assessment (i.e, network reconnaissance) and a host of other things beyond 'cyber security'... ok, well, looking forward... Best, Hal

  • Message #11

    Yeay success - 4.3 worked a treat thank you. Will give it a go on docker and let you know. Thanx for all your hard work

  • Message #10

    Please try importing with version 4.3.x, which is the line it was exported from.

    I haven't looked at Docker in depth yet, but it might be interesting to explore. If upgrading VirtualBox helps, then please go ahead and see what you can do with packaging it with docker and let us know your results. If it works well, we can look at posting it for others.

  • Message #9

    Hey bryank the sha sum is correct and and my host OS is ubuntu 13.10 64 bit. My Virtualbox version is 4.2.16_Ubuntu r86992. I would also like to help the project by releasing the images in docker as well - how can i help?

  • Message #8

    Is there any solution documentation.

    Would love to run this against some of my students but having a solution reference would be very handy indeed?


  • Message #7

    Got a full download now and will be running it up this week. Will feedback how we get on.

  • Message #6

    Ive just downloaded the package again, might have had a corrupt download. Will let you know how I get on once I have matching hashes on the file.

  • Message #5

    For those having this import issue may I ask a few things about your setup?

    • What is your host operating system?
    • What version of virtual box are you using?
  • Message #4

    Sadly we had the same error when attempting the import.

  • Message #3

    I have added the sha1 to the download page. It is 054254a26cc267554eeea071efb69f1169f37266. Please verify that your download completed successfully.

  • Message #2

    Hi there I downloaded the ova but it failed to import the appliance. The error I got was "Internal Inconsistency looking up disk image "vmdisk2". Did anyone get further then that?

  • Message #1

    Dr. Wolfe, OCCPers,

    Just downloaded the Beta, checking out the site; got a full, fresh mug of ground goodness from the kitchen, and ready to start the New Year right.

    Really looking forward to seeing this effort advance the state of infosec/cyber practice for those wanting to learn the trade, and explore the issues.

    Thank you for all your efforts to date; eager to start to the journey.

    Best, Hal -- HAL 9001 06FF 6E78 86A4 CD26 302A 9698 DFCD 3E55 EB4B

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