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login/pw for Gameserver?

I have tried occpadmin/0ccpadmin (leading zero), moderator/Occpmoderator, user/user, user/user123, root/toor, admin/<null>.... all denied.

What is the login and pw for the gameserver itself? I am trying to build off the excellent work done so far, adding in a Palo Alto Networks virtual firewall, and some other threat and traffic generation, for use in a course I teach at Univ of Dallas.

It looks like this project ceased, but If this forum is still monitored, or anyone out there can help, I'd greatly appreciate it and be willing to share back my modified versions upon completion!

Regards, Matthew Ancelin

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    disregard- found it! root/0ccpadmin

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      Hello I am new to virtualization. I have a cyber project (range a factual and OCCP seems to adapt to my needs.

      here is the password to provide (occpadmin / 0ccpadmin) in the site to connect to OCCP_AdminVM does not pass.


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