About the OCCP Project

The Open Cyber Challenge Platform (OCCP) is a free, configurable, open-source virtualization platform for cyber security educators and challenge event coordinators.

The OCCP is in development. The Subscribe page is active so that you can sign up for notifications of releases. The Project Plan page shows the current development schedule.

Cyber challenges, where groups of students defend/attack/investigate a network and/or data center with realistic attacks, have proven to be both wonderful recruiting tools in high school and college competition events, and effective teaching tools in academic and training courses that use them. The OCCP is designed to be:

  • Able to provide controlled scenarios that teach, demonstrate, and evaluate skills in cyber security areas including Network Defense, Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, and Secure Programming.
  • Reasonable in terms of cost of required hardware, and in terms of required technical installation and maintenance expertise, for a wide variety of organizations, including high schools, colleges, companies, and government agencies to use in courses and/or conduct challenge events.
  • Easily extensible to allow the community to post new challenges and scenarios that can be performed using the base OCCP.

The University of Rhode Island has a current grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to seed the open cyber challenge platform development. Read about the general concept of the OCCP (Red Team, Blue Team, scoring, etc), and watch a video demonstration of the concept.

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