Developer Guide

Who is this guide for? This guide is for those wishing to extend the platform itself or its various components. Working under the hood of the OCCP is not a trivial task, general users and those wishing to make scenarios should follow the UserGuide or the ContributorGuide instead.

OccpAdmin Program

The OccpAdmin program lives on the Administrative VM and relies on its configuration. Code modifications that require additional services or alternate configurations will require a patch for the Administrative VM as well

Skills Required

  • Java
  • General sysadmin technical understanding
  • Hypervisor APIs

Repository Information

Game Server Program

The Game Server program lives on the GameServer and relies on its configuration. Scenario Contributors can use a generic Content Pack or their own to perform the building of their Game Server but any code changes that require additional configurations should also patch the generic Content Pack.

Skills Required

  • Ruby
  • Metasploit framework
  • General sysadmin technical understanding
  • Networking

Repository Information

Game Server Web Application

The Game Server Web Application makes use of the Angular2 and Meteor frameworks with its components written in Typescript. Various frameworks and libraries have been used and should be known to implement further parts of the web application.

Skills Required

  • Angular2
  • Meteor
  • Typescript
  • Charts.js
  • Bootstrap
  • RESTful services

Other OCCP VMs and ISOs



Runtime VPN

Setup VPN