OCCP Downloads

Thank you to everyone who tried our beta release!

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Download platform components:

  • Admin VM v1.2 - Download (1.2 GB SHA1 cc7a147e9666e05633d4dce6a6c3c47597836780) Please visit Admin VM for installation instructions for your hypervisor.
  • SetupVPN ISO - Download (27.3 MB) The ISO for the Setup VPN. Please visit the SetupVPN page for usage.

The following is placeholder text for upcoming releases.

Download existing scenarios:

  • Network Defense - Blue Team is students who must maintain services and protect data, Red Team is scripted attacks. (Description | Download 6GB SHA1 bdeb04ed1c4a370b3719cf286d741da941517864)
  • Penetration Testing? - Red Team is students attempting to disrupt services and steal data, Blue Team is scripted defense
  • Inicident Response? - Red Team is scripted attack, Blue Team is students performing analysis on what damage was done, when it was done, how it was done, and who did it.
  • Malware Analysis? - Red Team is installed malware, Blue team is students performing analysis on the effects of the malware.
  • Secure Programming? - Red Team is scripted attacks, Blue Teams is students re-programming to fix vulnerabilities
  • Digital Forensics? - The Blue Team is students finding evidence in the network data center.
  • Capture The Flag? - Students defend their network data center and attack other students' network data center(s).

Download Base VMs:

Note: Additional work may be required after import depending on your hypervisor

  • Ubuntu 16.04 Server - Download (1.4 GB SHA1 d88e10731f9ebe32d5a16b49ac3f97f08813a3ab)
  • Kali Rolling 17.03 - Download (6.6 GB SHA1 aaa957113f4f5aaa064791057a72304b63280234)

  • Ubuntu 14.04 Server - Download (508.9 MB SHA1 4d34dcd8b67b53f710a0d90c967b51089356a667)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Server - Download (457 MB SHA1 f9800c50edb0575b32c316f5030c000bfe1d8de4)
  • Kali 1.0.8 - Download (4.2 GB SHA1 45d654f139f983ac4150f49130e4dbe1abdd3fdd)
  • Fedora 20 - Download (1.5 GB SHA1 f25bd63dacce3a40bd62bb5c80eecef2e7a97cec)

Additional Downloads:

Previous Versions

Additional downloads of previous OCCP versions.