Quick Start Guide

  1. Begin by reviewing OCCPGeneral concepts.
    • These concepts are important to understand before trying to install the OCCP. During the first install you will need to select a deployment model for the virtual machines associated with a scenario.
  2. Setup the OCCP environment in your facility by following the Initial Install Guide.
    • This one-time install will setup the Platform to be able to run multiple scenarios. This guide explains the available options depending for the type of lab you are developing. Recommended quick link: Virtual Box Model 2 Install Guide
  3. Install an available scenario and follow its specific install instructions.
    • Each scenario will provide additional details that must be followed to deploy that scenario. The scenario instructions will will advise you of any environment changes that need to be made.
  4. Run the scenario now.
    • Launch the Administrative VM and login
    • Run the admin application with launch parameters