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The Reference VSN's purpose is to serve as a starting point for scenario creation. It models a generic small business network and has a variety of related services running. The ContentPacks used to create the reference are flexible but will likely need modification for creating your own scenario since the reference is so generic.

Network Topology

The company's network consists of a LAN and DMZ. The LAN consists of the database, file server, and Lubuntu player VMs. The DMZ consists of the web and mail servers. These segments are separated by the firewall machine which also provides DNS and DHCP. The Kali Player VMs can connect to the network via the OCCP Router VM that acts as the company's ISP. Not shown is the GameServer which may be connected to any network locations listed above.

Content Packs


Installs and configures MySQL. This Content Pack will import either a static sql file or a templated one. Additionally a templated my.cnf file may be installed.


Installs and configures a DHCP server. This Content Pack can take parameters to provide DHCP to two networks, such as a LAN and DMZ.


Installs and configures BIND DNS in the context of the reference topology. It can configure the domain name, mail server, forwarders, and arbitrary entries.


This installs and configures a very simple anonymous FTP share.


This sets up a three legged firewall in the context of the reference network. It has rules to isolate the LAN from the DMZ. It also enables routing and has additional parameters to allow access to the database server from DMZ machines.


This Content Pack configures the Kali 1.0.8 Base VM as a Player VM. It accepts parameters that can configure root's password, the desktop background, auto login, and more.


This Content Pack transforms an Ubuntu Base VM into a Lubuntu Desktop Player VM. The configuration parameters can affect login credentials, desktop wall paper and shortcuts, auto login, and more.


This Content Pack installs and configures a mail server in the context of the reference network. It can install both the mail server and database on a single machine or be used to split these across two different machines.


This Content Pack applies to many machines and simply provides utilities. For example it can regenerate SSH host keys, create local user accounts, and update machines.


This installs Apache and PHP. It can also deposit web content to the document root location to be served.