Scenarios For Teachers and Challenge Administrators

Do you want to use a cyber challenge in course or for a competition event? This page provides the documentation and software download links to install pre-configured challenges that are ready-to-run.

OCCP Users Guide - describes the software and hardware required to run the OCCP, the components of the OCCP, and how to install and run a scenario.

Challenges - Click on a link to see the scenarios available for download.

The base platform for the OCCP is in development, so scenarios are not available for download yet.

The Subscribe page is active so that you can sign up for notifications of releases. The Project Roadmap page shows the current development schedule.

  • Network Defense - Blue Team is students who must maintain services and protect data, Red Team is scripted attacks
  • Penetration Testing? - Red Team is students attempting to disrupt services and steal data, Blue Team is scripted defense
  • Inicident Response? - Red Team is scripted attack, Blue Team is students performing analysis on what damage was done, when it was done, how it was done, and who did it.
  • Malware Analysis? - Red Team is installed malware, Blue team is students performing analysis on the effects of the malware.
  • Secure Programming? - Red Team is scripted attacks, Blue Teams is students re-programming to fix vulnerabilities
  • Digital Forensics? - The Blue Team is students finding evidence in the network data center.
  • Capture The Flag? - Students defend their network data center and attack other students' network data center(s).