Scenario Package

Scenario downloads are packaged as a tar archive containing all the files needed for the scenario.


  • Top Level Files
    • ScenarioFile - Typically named scenario.xml but not required to be.
    • Exported VMs - The OVA files for the VMs in this scenario's VSN
    • Documentation - The scenario contributor may include some documentation here as well on the wiki page for the scenario.
  • Top Level Directories
    • ContentPacks - Where all the content packs this scenario uses are stored.
    • PackDependencies - Where any content pack dependencies are located.

Note: Running the OccpAdmin program in deploy or launch will create some additional files in the scenario directory. These files will not be packaged by the OccpAdmin program and so they should not exist in freshly downloaded packages.

  • instance.xml - A copy of the last run scenario file with all variables and generated content replaced with their values.
  • lastrun.pp - A copy of the nodes file that was used on the last run. Mainly for debugging purposes as running the OccpAdmin program on the instance file will always produce the same nodes.pp and therefore the same lastrun.pp. Only regen or new scenarios will cause changes.
  • router.img - The router configuration floppy.
  • Reports - Directory where reports generated by the OccpAdmin program are saved.
  • export - Directory where the OccpAdmin program temporarily stores OVAs during export mode.

Creating a Package

Running the OccpAdmin program in export mode will create your package.

Extracting a Package

On the Administrative VM you can use the tar command to extract the package.